Lou Ruiz

Singer | Writer | Producer

From the spiritual furnace of the south, Singer/Songwriter and native Texan, Lou Ruiz delivers a collection of smoldering songs on life, love, and dream catching. “Simple Days” reflects a powerful follow-up to Lou's 2014 debut with masterful production guided by some of Nashville's most acclaimed producers, Grammy Nominated Scott and Ed Cash (NEEDTOBREATHE, Us the Duo, Chris Tomlin, Ben Rector). On this solid second chapter, Lou Ruiz ignites with songs that have awakened his growing fanbase with smooth lyrical emotions, moving guitar lines and polished arrangements that display the deft touch of an Artist entering a prime creative phase.

As a singer, Lou draws from a deep well of burning lyrical lines that can quench the most hardened spiritual thirst while guiding you across landscapes of forgiveness and redemption. The new EP “Simple Days” resonates with powerful Americana Folk and Pop Anthems while reflecting the successful influences of One Republic, Snow Patrol, Ed Sheeran and John Mayer. With his most trusted partner, a Gibson J-45 acoustic at his side, Lou Ruiz's approach to live performances is both spontaneous and well polished, giving audiences from the campfire to the festival every ounce of his musical soul.

Though just early into a very promising career, Lou's short time touring across North America has yielded a rich harvest of inspiration for an Artist that offers obsessively crafted Songs with heartfelt, “cage-free” emotions strong enough to draw you back time after time. For now, Lou Ruiz is set to bring his latest creative collection to performance venues while exploring new platforms for artistic expression including TV, Film and Interactive Media. Lou is excited about the new EP release and getting back out on the road to perform, “I love feeding off the energy of a crowd and the connection. I love that each performance is unique and like them best when it feels organic and intimate.”

Written by Trace Thomas, Creative Director at Masterlab

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